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Blackbelly Butcher: Boulder's only whole animal, artisanal butcher shop and first independent retailer licensed to make and sell its own cured and fermented meats. The shop also offers an expansive selection of house-made and local provisions, as well as weekday breakfast and lunch. Here, Blackbelly butchers have the space to break down whole animals on a daily basis, to store and use in their entirety for all aspects of the business: the main restaurant, meat counter, breakfast and lunch menu, catering, and events. This all happens in an open kitchen, for guests to watch, interact and learn.

Blackbelly works exceptionally close with local ranchers, going steps further than simply receiving and butchering whole animals. The team contributes to research and development, feeding programs, and other conditions that ensure the final product maintains the highest standards of quality, with low quantity production.

For its produce, Blackbelly primarily sources within a few miles of the restaurant. These farmers provide an amazing example of Colorado’s bounty, and what they cultivate directly effects the menu decisions the chefs makes on a regular basis.


Butcher Shop




November 2015

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