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The first Illegal Pete's was opened by Pete Turner on August 15, 1995 on The Hill in Boulder. Since then, the business has grown to include nine locations in Denver, two in Boulder, one in Fort Collins, and two in Arizona.  This is number 15 in Wheat Ridge with three new locations on the way and two existing ones are in the process of being remodeled.  The Illegal Pete's name is an ode to the rebellious spirit of Pete's father, Pete Sr.  A good-natured hell-raiser who once drove a car into a swimming pool!​  Pete Sr. carved his own path through life.  Our name pays respect to his legacy.  That's why we're on a mission to step outside the norm, challenge great power and remember what matters.  We're not interested in doing what we should; we care about doing what's right and fun!  In the words fo Pete: Do something just because it's rad.  Because it's awesome.  Because it's cool.  Special thanks to Scout Interior Design for the Collaboration for the Interiors.




Wheat Ridge


March 2024

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