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Santo is inspired by Chef Hosea Rosenberg’s home Taos, New Mexico and its Northern New Mexican cuisine.  Northern New Mexico possesses a unique natural beauty unlike any other region. They aim to shed some light on this unique and special place through the food, ambiance and Chef Rosenberg’s unique interpretation of Santo.

Santo means “saint” in Spanish. Hundreds of years ago, the Spanish conquered lands in the New World.  They brought along cultural change most notably with their faith, Catholicism. They carried with them painted and carved images of saints, called "santos," often used as "visual aids" to help tell stories about holy saints to the native people. Today santos still live in the homes of Hispanic New Mexican and Native American families. At Santo they feature custom, hand-carved sculptures by celebrated "Santero" Leonard Salazar. These include San Pascual, the patron saint of cooking and kitchens at our restaurant entrance, San Francis, the saint of animals and small children, Santa Cecilia, the patroness of musicians, and more.


Restaurant & Bar




November 2017

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